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Need information on my upcoming trip to Bejing (Beijing)


I am coming on a year long assignment to work with Bejing office,

i need help answering following queries which will help me to plan this trip in better way .

i will be accompanying my wife and 5 year old kid on this assignment.

Request you to guide me on .
1. where to live in Beijing , i mean if you can suggest me some areas where i can find more Indians will help my family do social gathering while i will working.
2. if you can suggest some schools where i can get admission for my kids she is still going to KG.
My company is going to pay for the accommodation and schooling so i don't have any budget constraint as such but still i am looking for apartment with monthly rent of 20k RMB.

Request you guys to help me with this so that i can plan accordingly. i will be coming to house hunt trip on 1st OCT and your advise will help me finalise the accommodation and school.

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