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Receiving mail in Beijing

Hi Everyone,

Since moving to Beijing we've had a few issues with post going missing. We live on a compound, Capital Paradise, and we have a mail box that is secured.

It's not particularly big but you can fit an ordinary sized letter in there, and should imagine an A4 sized package would be ok.

However, we've found that sending anything bigger than a regular envelope tends to see the mail disappear. Even when sending it via priority mail (Royal Mail) we've lost the post.

My question is, do you know if undelivered mail gets stored anywhere like the local post office? In the UK you'd be left a card telling you where to go pick it up, but there's no evidence of that here.

I do need to check in at our club house and see if they know any more about our mysterious missing mail, but we're of the assumption that if they were holding all these packages they would have come to us by now.

Any suggestions appreciated,


P.S - As far as we're aware there has been no contraband mailed. It's things like kids comics, birthday presents etc.

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