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Seeking Visa Specialist :: Need a Z-Visa (Beijing)


I worked in China for two years and loved it.
Some friends want to partner on some semi-frequent short-term work in China. The Chinese embassy says that I would need a Z-Visa to do this.

I would, however, need a little "hand holding" through the process of securing a Z-visa to work with my friends' small business. Can anyone recommend a "visa specialist" who can help me navigate the process of securing a Z visa?

I suppose the difficulty would be in getting a Work Permit or Foreign Expert's License. My friends have a small business. How should they do this?

The visa requirement is below:
"Your employer in China should obtain the Visa Notification and Work Permit/Foreign Expert's License for you. The Chinese visa notification issued by the authorized Chinese unit, and a Work Permit for Foreigners issued by the Chinese Labor Ministry. The Foreign Expert's License issued by the Chinese Foreign Expert Bureau."


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