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Should Yesterday's News be Forgotten? (Beijing)

Should Yesterday's News be Forgotten?

For many people should or should not is not an option. They have had their few minutes of fame or infamy and where appropriate the world has made the appropriate noises but often the reason that catapulted them into the limelight still exists.

This is especially true for the Sichuan earthquake survivours.

I am therefore posting below the information sent to me by Lu Sun from the Louie Art Space.

This is not an official "Xing - All About Beijing" activity, nor a FC Club activity but I felt the necessity to tell people about the event.

I am planning on attending.



Art for Life
Earthquake Benefits Event
Performance & Art Exhibition

Louie Art Space is honored to present the “Art for Life” Benefits Event for the Wenchuan Earthquake Relief. This Event of performances and art exhibition is primarily supported by expatriates and international artists designed to raise funds for and maintain awareness of the ongoing earthquake tragedy. Artists representing a wide spectrum across the artistic community will donate their artworks and performances for this Event in support of the many who have been deeply affected by the earthquake.

Caring artists have generously donated their artworks and performances for this Event’s program. Performers include Beijing International Chamber Orchestra, Under Broadway Chorus, and Beijing Opera Ensemble. Notable art painters include Wang Zixian whose art painting is in the Protected content Art Exhibition. All the proceeds from the sale of artworks and fees from this Event will be directed to the Red Cross Society of China.

If you wish to attend, please email us before 17th July Protected content Protected content . Please include 1) name, 2) email address, and 3) telephone number for each guest so that we can forward a confirmation and updated information for each guest. On behalf of those deeply affected by the Wenchuan earthquake, we thank you for your contribution and compassion.
With open hearts,

Lu Sun, Co-Director
Peter Yeung, Co-Director

“Art for Life” Event Details:
Date: 18th July Protected content 7:30pm
Venue: Block 8
Address: No. 8 Chaoyang Park West, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Performances: Beijing International Chamber Orchestra, Under Broadway Chorus, Beijing Opera Soloist

Event URL: Protected content
Mobile: 86.133.6697. Protected content
e-mail: Protected content

In cooperation with
The China Central Academy of Fine Arts City Design School Faculty
The Red Cross Society of China

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