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Subway extensions (Beijing)

Whilst flicking through the Jan edition of City Weekend I found an article that provided a quite valuable insight into the subway system and how it will take shape in the forthcoming months. For those whom dare to brave Beijings sub-terranian hornets-nest here is the low-down on what's in store:

Line Protected content new east-west line connecting Qingnian Lu to Chaoyangmen along Nanluoguxiang willl connect stage 2 during the latter part of Protected content Protected content connect the more remote parts towards he bei province.
Line Protected content extension will add in two extra stops at Shichahai (in the centre of Houhai) and Nanluoguxiang so commuters can hook up to line 6. The next phase will connect in Wangfujing , Qianmen and probably towards the new planned airport out at daxing on the south 5th ring
Line Protected content gap in the middle of the new loop will be open towards the summer Protected content soon as the tunnels are Fengtai Railway Staion are complete then next christmas we can do a bar crawl on the line 10 loop - all 44 stops!!!
Line Protected content open in May Protected content Xiju on the west 3rd ring to the World Garden Expo . During Protected content is planned to extend to Wangjing,CBD and Beijing South.
Line Protected content connect the west 2nd and 3rd ring roads crossing with Lines 4 / 2 and 1 to hook up Haidian to Fengtai but that will be some time off yet.
And currently there is an over-ground connection between line 9 and line 1 at the Military Museum, (costing an additional 2 kuai) this is planned to be resolved and sunk sometime during Protected content no target date was provided.

So there you go guys, a bit more confusion to come and of course you'll have to have your wits about you as invariably the connection signs will point the wrong way but hey you'll eventually have the pleasure of riding the worlds biggest subway network- all for the princely sum of 2 kuai :)

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