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The Financial Crisis Explained Beijing Seminar 11th March - event!

The Montpelier Group are running a free, informative seminar that will help you understand exactly what happened to cause the current financial crisis and how you can deal with it in the future.
We will cut through the complicated financial jargon and break the situation down to simple and interesting concepts everyone can understand.
The evening will be centered around the following themes:
• The Banking Crisis - Why did banks such as Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers fail? What does it mean for the remaining banks?
• What Are They Talking About? - Easy to understand explanations of the derivatives, futures, options and other technical jargon that played a part in the crisis.
• The Perfect Financial Storm - How the combination of banking errors, risk and lax oversight combined to create the worst financial collapse in living memory.
• Stimulating the World - A look forward to the future and the massive stimulus plans that various Governments have introduced and how they will shape the next few years.
• How To Survive - How to shield yourself from the risk in the world and ensure your survival, or even maybe come out ahead on the other side.
This evening is open to everybody no matter what your level of knowledge about the financial world. Our aim is to help you understand where you stand in these times of massive uncertainty.

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