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The new InterNations Beijing Charity Group

The InterNations Beijing Charity Group welcomes all warm hearts to give a hand to the less privileged. No matter if you are a Basic Member or Albatross Member, you are most welcome.

Our group supports the “Stars and Rain Institute for Autism”. We will help autistic children and their parents to reach their full potential, improve their quality of life and enjoy equal opportunities. Stars and Rain got its name from the movie Rainman, which raised public awareness of Autism.

Global estimate is 1 in Protected content have Autism. Autistic Children have problems how to interact socially, seem to live in their own world in rituals and repetitive behaviors. What a pity that many autistic children with normal or even high IQ are mistakenly treated as mentally retarded and are deprived of learning opportunities. They just learn differently, tend to focus on small parts rather than the big picture. We’ll support mostly with volunteering activities, educate and teach them how to manage their own life and visit often the preschool and their Grouphome.

We are delighted to welcome you to join our group and participate in the activities. Your small help can make a big difference in someone’s life!

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