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Things you miss from home (Beijing)

I've not been here for too long but already there are one or two things I miss from home.

It might be that some of these I could find, or solve here and if there are then any help would be appreciated. Alternatively, it could be that some of these items are available but expensive and therefore aren't really something I count in my day to day things.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be too serious, just list as many things you miss from home or your regular routine. It would be cool if you guys shared and you never know someone might be able to offer a pointer that helps.

Without any further ado here's my handful of things:

1) The light switches being in the same room I'm in!

2) Gravy granules. - We bought a tub of Bisto from a nearby shop and were looking forward to some on our mash, but when we made it something was very wrong with it :(

3) Cheap wine. - There are some cheap bottles to be had but choice is limited

4) Respect for other road users - I don't personally drive and having seen what is considered as driving here I'm in no hurry!

5) TV - Our cable has a couple of terrible American channels packed with 'Next top model this' and 'Biggest loser that'. Come back awful BBC sitcoms, all is forgiven!

There ya go, I tried not to pick anything too down-hearted as the aim of this was to have a bit of fun.

What do you guys miss?


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