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TransWealth International Sales Partner Program (Beijing)

TransWealth International Sales Partner Program

About TransWealth
TransWealth Inc. was set up in Protected content commitment to offering first-class language, translation, interpreting and business service solutions to our clients. Our lines of business include translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, transcription, localization, internationalization, voiceovers, translation outsourcing, translators and interpreters headhunting, multilingual conference management, corporate language and translation training. TransWealth boasts outstanding language and translation talents who can provide satisfactory services to our customers. With the tenet of TransWealth Enables Seamless Global Communication, we are making unremitting efforts to deliver quality language and business solutions to worldwide clients. We have clients from Asia, America, Africa and Europe. TransWealth is a TSP to many international organizations and multinationals including the United Nations and OECD.
TransWealth Translation
TransWealth Translation specializes in providing translation solutions for mineral, energy, financial, legal, ICT, and transport sectors, marketing materials for all sectors, and localization and internationalization of websites.
TransWealth Interpreting
TransWealth boasts first-class conference interpreters in the four tier-1 cities of China:Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. We can deliver optimal interpreting solutions to various international events. From business negotiation to international conferences, from general topics to technical discussions, from scientists to heads of state and government, TransWealth has successfully solved many communication challenges.
We can deliver simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting, over-the-phone interpreting, tele-interpreting, VIP escort interpreting, interpreting for business negotiation, booth interpreting, and so on. We can serve international conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops, training, business negotiations, press conference, corporate annual meetings, dinner, media interview, legal interview, etc.
TransWealth International Sales Partner Program (TW-ISP)
If any people or organization needs translation and/or interpreting service in China or related to Chinese language, you can recommend to us. And you will get up to 20% commission of the net profit for the project you recommend. You will manage your own customers on a long-term basis.
How to join:
1. Ask for TW-ISP Application Form
2. Review and approval by TransWealth Inc.
3. A confirmation letter from TransWealth.
Mr. Jacken Zheng
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