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Volunteer Event on Sun for the Guang'ai Orphanage! (Beijing)

Hello all,

The Rotaract Club of Beijing is looking for volunteers to help this coming Sunday!

In conjunction with Carrefour, Rotaract is collecting food for the children of Guang'Ai to ensure their health this winter. By providing food, we hope they will have surplus money to spend on "luxuries" like educational materials and computers. Although the orphanage sees a fair bit of media attention, these children are still not getting the start in life that everyone deserves.

About Guang'ai:
Guang'Ai orphanage was started by a man named Mr. Shi. His story is important. His house burnt down with his wife and child inside back in '96. They survived but were horribly scarred. They came to Beijing for surgery, leaving Mr. Shi bankrupt. Living on the streets the family met the street children. They moved into a shack and looked after the children, as best they could. A few years ago, advertising companies, particularly a pharmaceutical company's back pain pill, took notice and Mr. Shi had funds to move the orphanage into a workers' dormitory in tongzhou, by this time he was taking care of over a hundred children. With part of the funds received in donations and from his advertising work, he set up a kindergarten as a side business. Although this is a separate entity, it provides a small regular income for the orphanage.

The orphanage is has recently moved to Shunyi. Children come and go, but there are always over a hundred children staying at the orphanage at any one time, often much more. Guang'ai believes that providing these children with the proper start in life is not only good for them, but good for society as a whole. They are often severely limited in reaching this goal, by a lack of bare necessities, and the sheer number of children there.

We are coordinating volunteers for the following Carrefour locations:

Ciyunsi (East 4th Ring road)




Please come out and help us! It's going to be a lot of fun plus a fantastic way to start this holiday season. Send me a message for more info/day of event coordinator contact info.

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