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Wutai Mount Hike on 28th Apr-1st May 2012 (Beijing)


Mount Wutai (Chinese: 五台山; pinyin: Wǔtái Shān; literally “Five Plateau Mountain”), is located in Shanxi province, northern China. UNESCO World Heritage Site since Protected content .

It is one of the Four Sacred Mountains of Buddhism. People with an interest in Buddhism or hiking, or in this case, a combination of the two, will be happy to know they can kill two birds with one stone on a trip to Mount Wutai.The mountain is actually a plateau surrounded by five peaks with flat tops. In the valley in the middle lies the town of Taihuai.The name Wutai means “five peaks” and each peak has its own special scenery. From the eastern one you can watch the sun rise from a sea of clouds. At night, the western one affords breathtaking vistas of the moon shining among the trees.The northern peak rises to a height of Protected content ( Protected content ) and is called “the roof ridge of northernChina.” It is also North China’s highest point.

D1 Beijing to Wutai mount in Shanxi Province by train.
D2 Hiking from Easter Peak to Northern peak,Central Peak and Western peak,Have supper and stay in temple.
D3 Hiking to Southern peak and stay in taihuai town.
D4 Vist ancient temples(some of it was built in Tang Dynasty 618AD to 907AD) in taihuai town and take bus/train to Beijing.

Hiking Distance: approx. 60km in 2 days.
Hiking time: about 12 hours first day. 8 hours second day
Peak: approx. Protected content
Location: wutai mount, Shanxi province
Travel time: about 6 hours each way from Beijing to Mount wutai
Level of difficulty: high altitude long distant hike
Note : Mount Wutai is buddism area please follow their custom

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