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How to avoid fake profiles& other hidden creatures (Belgrade)

Its an everyday phenomenon nowadays in the net to be invited for an action - to be a friend, to participate somewhere and even to meet with fake profile s people. I can say that there are 2 basic categories:

The rookie fake profilers:

Mostly they do that to spy. But in that case even inspector Clouseau would be happy for his spying abilities comparing to these kind of trolls.
Usually they choose sexy or elegant photos from stock image platforms or steeling from other people. The bad thing (for them) is that they use same pic in many many web apps by having different interests and jobs in each of them.

Maybe you heard about ‘famous’ Lora that was support stuff, CEO, model, scientist, script writer and in another app sexy dark hair secretary with sophisticated glasses ready to satisfy everyone. The truth is that, that is maybe too hairy for that.

The advanced trolls:

They download rare bulk images of a model from stock. So they can use many chicky poses and wow-selfies in many different places to promote themselves with lies and underestimate others and the truth.
They are usually in chats and forums in many social media which makes it difficult to be suspicious.
More often you see them gossip other people by hiding in that way their own psychological problems or they do that to get paid from some ‘companies’ . 
Sometimes things getting more serious and they install spyware in your machine through email or webpage pop-up acceptance button.
In that case if you have doubts for someone, best solution is to meet first in personal and not accept any offers.

If its a web community and you know or you are suspicious for something its important not be shamed, not to hide it but to talk in order to help the people you know. I think we should all care and inform others. if you are suspicious for a fake person feel free to ask and discuss with people you know, maybe its a common case.
In that way we will build more clear, clean, healthy relationships and safer internet.

Happy Anti-trolling



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