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Meetups Options for May (Belgrade)

Hi All,
Protected content was a pleasure meeting all of you tonight. As we were discussing some future possible meetups venue, why not some of us suggest places we have been to with our friends/families and would like others also to see them?

My Top three places which could accomodate 30 people are :

1)Cafe Cvecara.Its very close to the botanical garden,with pool,darts,table football and also some video games.So that the meetup could also invlove some kind of activity if someone is bored just talking and sitting

2) My Old Red Shoe or something like that on Ada.Can be a great outdoor meetup with volleyball and badminton facilities.

3) Just behind Belgrade fair there are two small cafes which are open air and not so crowded like Ada or some other cafes in the city .I will write the names when i remember them.

Cheers !!!

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