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The Science Day is celebrated every year on July 10th, on the day Nikola Tesla was born in Protected content .

In addition to the Museum of Nikola Tesla and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and other institutions dealing with the teaching or part of Nikola Tesla, these days they are advertised with special programs for Monday, July 10th.

The Tesla Science Foundation, in cooperation with the Progres Gallery, organizes an international exhibition of modern arts (paintings, sculptures, graphics and installations inspired by the influence and overlapping of scientific and artistic creativity) from the 7th to the 14th of July in the manifestation "Teslin Narod Protected content .

Opening is on Friday, July 7 at 7.30 pm, and works by artists from Serbia and the region.

Faculty of Biology of the University of Belgrade and Center for Scientific Research Work of Students of the Faculty of Biology announce the day of science in Botanical Garden "Jevremovac" from 10 to 18 hours. The entrance is free for all interested, and educational contents from different biological disciplines are being prepared.

Also don't miss :

Museum of Nikola Tesla (Krunska 51)

July 10, 10. Protected content

On the occasion of Tesla's birthday, the Museum of Nikola Tesla gives a free entrance for all visitors.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra, 73)

July 10, Protected content

Elektroprivreda Srbije will take you to "Time Travel with Nikola Tesla". Visitors will have the opportunity to "drill" into virtual worlds, they will find themselves in the ambience of the late XIX and early XX centuries, or in the ambience of the future. All this will be recorded in a photo that will be taken with you home as an unusual souvenir. Photos will also be found on the Facebook page of Putevi Tesla ( Protected content ), and those with the most likes expect unusual, 3D prizes!

The whole event will be followed by a story about the Tesla Roads through Serbia and old hydroelectric power plants, the arrival of Tesla to Belgrade Protected content ago, his friendship with Djordje Stanojevic.

Tesla Adrenaline Escape Room (Simina 9a)

1st - July 31

Tesla Escape Room with a special discount - A new form of entertainment has come to Belgrade, which has been hit for years in the world, inspired by Nikola Tesla! Enter deep into the mind of Nikola Tesla and get lost in the ingenious and miraculous world he created. Nikola Tesla gave world wide alternating current, radio, X - rays, remote control and more. Now, Tesla challenges you - "You can enter my mind, but you can never get out!" Well, can you ?! In teams of 2-6, test your skills, teamwork and detective spirit! Solve hidden puzzles and obstacles within 60 minutes to get out of the mysterious locked room. A unique and unforgettable experience that you do not have to miss, and at the time of Tesla's Protected content , you also expect a special discount!

Gallery "Čubrilo", Kula na Gardošu

July Protected content 31

Exhibition "Books from Tesla Personal Library" by Nikola Tesla Museum.
In a special fund called "Nikola Tesla's Personal Fund", there are monographic and serial publications from Tesla's legacy and numerous partly embedded newspaper clippings. Because of their exceptional importance, they are treated as a separate entity of this Fund (Tesla's newspaper clips).
The personal library of Nikola Tesla consists of Protected content ( Protected content ) of monographic publications (books), Protected content of periodicals (magazines and newspapers) with Protected content volumes.

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