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Get ready for an Internations competition! (Birmingham)

Ok People

Get ready for an Internations competition...

The prize has not been fully decided yet but could involve a free round for everyone at the winning meetup!

It will involve all UK Internations communities in a race against each other to gain the most new members (well you didnt hear this from me, but it's likely to be first to Protected content members, and they all have to be double flaggers/duel nationality)

So I need you to do something! Start making a list of potential contacts who you could invite to Internations and when we get the official go - we blast them all to create momentum! If Birmingham wins, we all win!

DO NOT INVITE PEOPLE YET, just warm them up, then when the competition starts we invite them all at once. We need perhaps 2 or 3 people each and we will win this competition easily. (This is not cheaing - as initiator of the event, i am just creating momentum!)

The added bonus is that the attendance at our events will rocket too, so we all win again.

Both Manchester and Cambridge have stated 'we will kick Birmingham's butt' and 'second city - second in everything!' so I think we have some lessons to teach....

Get connecting people, Birmingham is about to show them how it is done.

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