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Colombian Personal Banking & Fraud (Bogotá)

Dear All

Bogotá Post is keen to cover this topic in the next issue. Does anyone have an experience of being a victim of a fraud and how did your bank react? Were they helpful, did they take on the liability or leave you in the lurch?

Any comments gratefully received. We are running a story on this following a colleague's experience with Banco Caja Social. He was the victim of an ATM fraud where 700,000 COP was taken from a cashpoint in small town he visited regularly but the date of the fraud was during a weekend when he was stuck in Bogotá. He took his case to the Ombudsman who found in his favour but Caja Social refused to pick up the tap. So he is now 700,000 COP poorer.

The deadline for the Bogotá Post article is March 17 so if you can get back to me quickly with your experiences then that would help.

Many thanks for your help in advance.

Barbara Buchanan

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