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Emotional cleaning&Inner peace!Course next sunday (Bogotá)

To have a personal experience of the inner peace, power, state of heaven, solutions, answers, blissful, plenty...Inside us, in our essence , our real self is already in this state of heaven , but to remember and feel it, we need to open the heart and remove the fears, blocking thoughts, tiresome emotions .... all the inner obstacles of the false self, I teach an very practical course focusing in this, with a lot of recharging information, lighting sparks of wisdom and many practices and homeworks! more Information in my email: " Protected content " it is not a course of a particular religion, but each one will verify that exists the protection and lovely Divine guide, this is the teacher not me Je Je Je next sunday July 10 and July 17, 9 a.m. Protected content . (Duration: eight hours in two sessions)

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