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Getting internet set up here (Bogotá)

Hi all,

I'm trying to get internet set up at my new apartment. I live in Chapinero. I called Movistar like 15 days ago, and they told me 3 to 7 days, and when they failed to come in that time, I called again and said that there was no record of my sale. Then we went through the process again last night of getting set up but when he put me on hold at the end of confirming everything on the contract I got cut off, then I called back today and they said they don't service Chapinero!? lol really you couldn't have told me this before or maybe they are lying, i don't know.

Anyways, question: who's a decent internet provider who services Chapinero area. I have a cedula de extranjeria so that isn't an issue. I know there is Claro, but I have heard so many bad things about them that I'm looking for another option.

But please tell us your experience.


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