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Give birth in US or Colombia? That is the question (Bogotá)


We are in need of some hefty advice. My husband and I are trying to figure out if it's best to give birth in Colombia or the US.

I am a US native and citizen. My husband is a colombian native who was deported from the US, so he is not allowed back in yet. I have read about the requirements to register the baby in the US if I have her in Colombia, however I just am not convinced it will be as easy as 1,2,3.

The biggest reason I would have the baby in the US and sacrifice my husband not being at birth is to expodite all the paperwork and pain it takes to get things done in Colombia. However, we want dual citizenship so we would then have to file papers for the baby as a Colombian.

I am so confused and would greatly appreciate some advice from someone who has gone through this! I am reading different opinions online and people are advising me to have the baby in America because of the advantages. But what advantages is that, really? We plan to live in Colombia since we are not sure if my husband will ever be able to legally set foot in America again. But of course I want my daughter to have the opportunity to travel freely and study and work in whichever country she desires.


Thank you!

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