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Gluten free&Vegan Cookies & Ice creams course (Bogotá)

Next Saturday July 30: Cookies & Ice creams course, gluten free, vegan (no dairy ingredients) as well no artificial nor refined ingredients with super & delicious foods! as amaranthus, quinoa, seeds, whole cereals.... We will make salty and sweet cookies, with and without flours; goodies, desserts and snacks that really nourish us, both, in a body level and in a joyful heart level. During the course we will make:
- Saltine crackers with whole rice and quinoa flours + seeds + spices and dried herbs.
- Sweets cookies with amaranthus flour (sweetened with solid organic cane juicy: "panela"), with different natural flavors added to the base dough.
- Oats and seeds cookies, without flours.
- Strawberry Ice cream, very creamy using nuts and seeds, sweetener: organic coconut sugar and also we will see many different techniques to make vegan ice creams, this is a prototype recipe that shows many of these, in the coursebook I've detailed all.

All of these recipes have been developed directly by me.

During the curso, participants will have their own cookies cutters, chopping boards and rolling pins tu make their cookies with favorites flavors and spices as: citrus peel, cinnamon, ginger, carob, cacao, paprika, pink pepper...

Recipes photos, coursebook's table of contents or more information: Protected content or in my e-mail: " Protected content
Instagram y Twitter: @jennyms360

And a course video that prove that all is delicious! Protected content

People who wants to participate by skype, should contact me before Saturday to send them ingredients list and coursebook, it is very practical and pedagogical that they make all the recipes simultaneously with the group here.

The course is from 2:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This Saturday July 30.
Value: COP 180.000 / USD Protected content all: course's manual, ingredients and complete course).

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