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Health through local food (Bogotá)


Hi all. I have vision issues and someone here told me about a fruit that is excellent for the eyes. Uchuba - something like that. I researched it and was persuaded. I finally found a place to buy the fruit. Then, I ate a local vegetable that resembled, well, sort of like spinach, but it is not. Again, supposedly great and it also tasted great! (the fruit, not so much.) Are there any nutritionists who could offer a course on local fruits and vegetables for health? And, how to prepare them for optimal benefit? I think that would be awesome. I read somewhere that Colombia has more variety of tropical fruits and vegetables than anywhere. A lot of conventional meds are derived from tropical plants. I'd love to know more. Also there was a chef who advertised her healthy products here, I lost her contact info. Now that I have an apartment, I can prepare food. If anyone knows who it is, or if she reads this, please message me: Protected content thanks :)

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