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IPS advice (Bogotá)


I share this for my Colombian and expat friends. I do not like to share personal information, but I think this is important.

If you are prescribed medical tests (expats - assuming you have insurance) your IPS is NOT permitted to refuse scheduling pending authorization. I am having heaps of trouble and it's a battle because it is serious. The law is: Decreto No. Protected content , Hoja 41, De Protected content . I have it if anyone needs it.

Moreover, there are certain conditions for which medication WILL be covered, even if your IPS considers it NO POS. I was told yesterday by a doctor at the Ministry of Health (Calle 7 con Protected content the Exito is) that with a doctors note, these medications are actually funded by the government, so there is no reason to deny.

Right now, Coomeva and a service provider is breaking the law. Blatantly. If you want to know how this turns out, message me. If you have problems, I will be happy to share what I know and I hope tomorrow I will get what I need. If not, I will need a awyer :( and I cannot file a tutela. I truly hope no one has to go through this!

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