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Legal or Illegal? Destruction of Medical Records (Bogotá)

Hi Everyone,

A very close friend of mine worked as a psychologist at a local clinic. Payment at this clinic has been a little sketchy and she had been treating a special young, I believe autistic, boy with multiple sessions a week for some time. The clinic owners recently decided to shut down the clinic for financial reasons and apparently began destroying the records of treatment in some attempt to avoid paying the psychologist. The thinking is that without these records she has no basis to claim she worked for them.

This is an obviously painful situation both for my friend who needs that extra cash flow and since the mother of the autistic boy wants to transfer the medical records to an EPS for further treatment.

I am no lawyer or practioner but this seems very unethical if not outright illegal. Unfortunately I don't know many lawyers or practioners either that might be able to shed light on this. Does anyone know of any resources, associations or individual people I could refer my friend to?



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