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Let’s allow Uber to stay in Bogotá!

I’m posting this because know that some of you are Uber customers here in Bogotá and because I’m an early adopter and I believe that this is a good alternative for the residents of this city. In case you want to sign the petition, you can go here: Protected content
Below, the transcript of the letter that Uber sent to its customers in Bogotá:
Today, Uber riders and the community of drivers face an enormous challenge that requires your support.
Since last Thursday night, by order of the Secretary of Mobility of Bogotá, Uber riders have been forced to get out their vehicles at special checkpoints set up by the Bogotá Transit Police. At these checkpoints, the validity of the drivers’ documents have not been acknowledged, and their vehicles have been subsequently impounded, all in the midst of verbal insults from passing taxi drivers encouraged by the police’s actions.
Uber is now in Protected content and is over 40 countries. In Bogotá the servicio especial drivers associated with Uber are providing a legal service. As in our other 99 cities, these men and women are helping to bring safer, more efficient, and more convenient transportation solutions to Bogotá.
If you believe that Bogotá needs innovations like Uber, please sign the petition here: Protected content
Help us communicate to the mayor’s office that they must stop the police operations that are intimidating drivers and leaving riders stranded.

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