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new expat looking for people to hang out with (Bogotá)

I am not sure this thread belongs to Expat Q&A but anyway. I'm new here, been in Bogota for only a few days. Left everything behind to live with my husband. Well basically I need to meet new people, possibly people with similar experience. I don't spak spanish yet unfortunatelly. Also I am struggling, missing home a lot and my husband works 6 days a week 9am to 6pm. I am alone most of the time and since I am very social and my social network back home was big you can imagine I am struggling now. This almost sounds like: hey please be my friend. :) I just need advice how to get rid of this anxiety of being so far away from my home and on what to do, where to go etc. when I'm alone during the day. I am so lost.

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