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Next Nutrition&organic cooking Course (Bogotá)

Nutrition and organic cooking basic course, vegetarian ¡delicious! And no dairy products included , next sunday january 25 and from 9 a.m. Protected content .

- You will learn nutrition and selfcare basic principles .
- Discovering new foods, few used or in general unknown but with a big nutritional value and fast to prepare.
- We will prepare easy recipes, fast and delicious to make nutritionally complete a lunch or dinner and also we learn many foods combinations.
- We will see why is import to respect and care our body and planet; this has a very close relation with: self-esteem, vital energy , constant health and natural connection sense with all.
- Prototype preparations to learn the structure and basic steps to make any vegetal milk (almonds, rice, amaranto, quinua, sesame…), variety of cakes with different cereals (gluten and no gluten), vegetal burgers, dips, salad dressings, soups and vegetables, grains, quinua, amaranto, balúes, miso and seaweeds preparations.

These are the recipes that will prepare, all “friendly” with our body! and very nourishing and healthy:

-Sesame milk (the sesame is ten times richer calcium than the cow milk).

-Strawberry cake (vegan, no dairy products included, no eggs, no butter!) with organic panela (natural sugar caned product ) / yacon syrup (suitable for diabetes and hypoglycemia) and kamut flour (organic, hypoallergenic with few gluten and evenly assimilated by the celiacs and delicious taste! other option if someone need: with quinua and almonds flour, totally gluten free; in addition we will make strawberry sauce prepared with "sagu" a very healthy and alkalizing root that acts as thickener.

-Chickpea burgers with black quinua flakes, sunflower seeds and oriental spices (such as fenogreco, ginger, turmeric…).

-Quinua croquettes with fresh herbs

-Oriental whole rice, prepared with spices and seeds

This is the direct link to my web page:
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To go, only “copy” and “paste” this address on your web navigator .
constanly I publish new contents, there you will find courses video clips, recipes, new places to buy organic foods and eat healthy and nutrition for the soul too!

Here, in my profile, you can see course photos and course´s quality surveys

Facilitator: Jenny Soler : Oriental dance instructor for women using art as a means of transformation to fully develop the feminine principle and connect and clean the unconsciousness; author of the book: “Look inside yourself and discover the Sirens” and two other books: one of pedagogy (with second international edition) and another about organic nutrition; lecturer in the fields of self-care, conflict and stress management and nutrition and organic cooking; personal and family counselor / therapist; professional Astrologer and Director and Professor of Mathematics area for CESA, businees School in Bogotá.

Bachelor Science Industrial Engineer and Mathematics in Los Andes University (Bogotá).

Value: $170.000, includes: Coursebook Protected content , ingredients and personalized class (groups up to 15).

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