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Putting our family's minds at ease (Bogotá)

I have recently accepted a job in Bogota, at the English School . My Mother in law is really freaking out, having read the US travel warnings, and is particularly concerned that we are moving with our then 7 month old and our 5 year old. She worries that it is not as safe as we are making it out to be. She also worries that the school will not fulfill its promises, and that we are moving into a drug den cum gang war zone.

As far as I know the school is located between Cedritos and the Zona Rosa...these are fairly safe neighborhoods, aren't they?

eta: Can anyone point me in the direction of some Pro-Colombia websites that show more concretely how improved security is, and how Bogota is no more dangerous than any other major city?

We have lived in Ho Chi Minh, Seoul, Buenos Aires, San Jose, I am from New York City (in the late 80s early 90s, not Post Giulliani) and my husband is from Glasgow, so it's not like we are unfamiliar with city life.

Poor woman is about to plotz if I don't give her some reassurance soon.


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