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Racism in Colombia? (Bogotá)


Hello, I'm hoping to get some perspectives about racism in Colombia.

I'm a white American woman, so for the most part I don't experience racism first-hand, though I have called some folks out for what I considered to be racist comments. I have heard from various sources that Colombia can be a very racist country toward black people.

My 2 best friends are black, and they have also heard this, so they are somewhat hesitant to come visit me here. I'm hoping to hear from people of color what their experiences have been here in Colombia.

Here are a few questions I came up with, but feel free to just share your experience, even if it's not along these lines:

1. Have you experienced racism here? If so, was it overt or more subtle?
2. Do you feel like you have been singled out or profiled by security, police, or others?
3. Have you experienced discrimination in housing or employment?
4. How does your experience here differ from your home country?

Thanks for any input!

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