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Speak English Bogotá Event!

A new Meetup Event: English Speaking Conversational event needs Native, English Speakers AND/OR Fully Bilingual, English Speakers who would like to speak to an audience of non-native speakers.

Time: The first 15 minutes of the event. Following your brief talk is a Q & A session for the event participants.

When: Every Saturday from Protected content . (beginning on January 19).
*You´ll only need to attend ONCE, in order to make your presentation. You´re not required to stay for the entire scheduled event time.

Topics: Speak on any area of your expertise OR on any topic that is of profound interest to you.

Activity´s Objective: To develop a higher level of fluency amongst our non-native, English speaking audience by eliciting conversation, and to improve listening skills.

Opportunities for You: To be exposed to professionals from various industries here in Bogotá.

Place: Avenida 19 # Protected content

Event Link: This is the link to the Speak English Bogotá Meetup gathering:
Protected content .

Contact Info: Protected content
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