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Suggested sources for international food supplies? (Bogotá)

Hi all! I'm a newlywed living with my Colombian husband in Popayán. We have to make a couple trips to Bogotá for visa errands and I thought I would offset the travel expenses shopping for things unavailable in Popayán. Does anyone know where I might find any of the following:
- variety of quality cheeses
- Indian or East Asian spices - Things like miso, fengook seeds, or dried chilies?
- Inexpensive small kitchen tools - I've been searching for a mandolin and mortar and pestle in Popayán and Cali for months!
- potted herb plants - supplies of "Geneve" basil or healthy cilantro/coriander are very hit-or-miss so I was thinking of growing my own

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also any recommendations for stores in Cali or Bogotá or affordable mail order options for a foreign foodie living outside a big city are most welcome. I'm an avid cook and I've struggled to find things like cheese varieties, cashews, pine nuts, cheese cloth, etc.



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