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We do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but we should, We should be Grateful for everything an Allmighty Power gives Us.

We have partied a lot this year and it has been awesome, but there are thousand of people in Colombia who are suffering the consecuences of the worst rain season in the history of the Country.

Christmas is here and it is time of peace , love and gratitude what about if our next gathering involves not only Fun and sweet mojitos but also collect food , clothes and all kind stuff to help the less favored.

I am pretty sure that all IN community in Bogota, feels already a Country that welcomes you with open arms like a second home

Perhaps some of the guys or gals working in NGO´s can give us a hand guiding all of us, I know Red Cross does a wonderful job and if we collect enough things someone can collect them and send them to all these families in disgrace.

Any Ideas??????



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