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The next course to awaken Goddesses / Sirens !!! (Bogotá)

Because we are ALL Goddesses / Sirens, no matter the age, size, physical features, health conditions, that is our essence and reality, that has always been within us, only we need remember with our heart and mind who really we are. Protected content

See this participant´s feedback of the last course (July 13)
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Dear Jenny,
I write to you to thank you for the lovely coaching I received from you from the Mermaids workshop. I have always thought of myself as a very feminine lady, still I realized there that I had assumed masculine roles with my partners damaging my romantic relationships. The dancing as a therapeutic tool was so liberating for me, and the meditations, especially the “fairy tale parents” has had a deep impact in my life. Thank you Jenny for being a channel of so much healing for people.
Love,Sandra M. Rodríguez

In addition, this is a link to video with Alma Osorio, one participant of the last course,who tell us how applied the information in a crisis experience in her job (this video is in english): Protected content

Is coming! the next course to awaken Goddesses / Sirens !!! "Sacred Femininity" and to live a goddess life in all areas without limitations / blocks in total peace and fullness.
We will learn, it doesn´t matter what happen outside: if someone says something or not, if what you want happens or not doesn´t care! because you're a Siren / Goddess and as such, you really live in the heaven, here and now!! even if you have not realized that! in the course you will verify that beyond the body, art and music (only means that we will use to connect with “heaven state” inside us) it already exists within us a state of peace, wholeness, unconditional love, creativity, solutions, unity ... is something that is experienced and that we can maintain along the day.

You will experience the power, gentleness, freedom, joy, peace, grace, beauty, magic .... of your true essence!

Links to other course information videos (these are still in spanish, soon in english too!):
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You will experience art, meditation practices and a lot of information to be free of the suffering and inner blocks in any life´s areas, as a tools for inner transformation, mainly transformation of our unconscious (and as a result, also transform our outer world / the experiences, persons who we projected / attract outside).

Many women focused on remembering and feel their true reality! the group conscience is very powerful, we support each other and so is faster the transformation process.

Date: Saturday August 23 and Sunday August 24: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Value: $160.000, includes course memories.
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Here in my profile you can see the course flyer, photos and more information about the course.

Facilitator: Jenny Soler, oriental dance instructor for women using art as a means of transformation to fully develop the feminine principle and connect and clean the unconsciousness; author of the book: "Look inside yourself and discover the Sirens" and two others books of pedagogy (with second international edition) and organic nutrition and cooking; lecturer in the fields of self-care, conflict and stress management and nutrition and organic cooking; personal and family counselor /therapist; professional Astrologer and Director and professor of Mathematics area for CESA, Business School in Bogotá. Protected content

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