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Tips and Resources for Dog Owners in Bogota (Bogotá)


Since the Bogota Loves Dogs activity group is kicking off, I thought we should have a thread dedicated to compiling tips and resources for current and prospective dog owners in Bogota.

Bogota is one of the best resourced places for dog ownership that I have seen in my travels. No dog owning expat should have reservations about bringing their dog to this city.

Here is what I have to share based on my own personal discoveries while acquiring and caring for my American Cocker Spaniel, Mabel, here in Bogota.

Dog Park:

Parque El Virrey

While not an official dog park, the road on the north side of the park doesn't have through traffic so is pretty popular to let dogs play off leash. The neighborhood is popular with dog owners and is a good area to live in if you have or want to get a dog.

Dog Friendly Cafes and Restaurants:

There are several places near El Virrey park that allow dogs on their patios.

Cite Hotel Cafe- Not only does this spot have great brunch on the weekends, but in evenings is a nice place to get a drink and listen to the live music. The hotel even has its own doggy mascot. If you don't want to bring your dog onto the patio, there are posts to tie your dog outside and water bowls are provided.

Illy Cafe El Virrey

Zukerino's on the 90 and Protected content think)

Dog Boarding, Day Camp and Training:

I send my dog to a day camp High Beri Land. This is owned by a French woman who speaks english, and they will train your dog with english commands if you want that. They provide services for dog grooming, sale and delivery of food (imported not available in regular shops), administration of your dog's flea and tick meds, etc.

High Beri Land
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Pet Supply Stores:

Agrocampo - huge supermarket type store with everything you might need for your dog.
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The Pet Shop - small boutique near El Virrey, offers grooming services. Cra 11 # Protected content . They are willing to order in items for you.

Animal Center - Mid size boutique, offers grooming and transportation. Cll 68 # 4A-14


There are veterinarians pretty much everywhere so you should be able to find one you like near where your live without trouble. I will share my vet's info through PM.

Kennel Club:

If you are in the market for a pedigree dog, you can meet with breeders at the kennel club. They have regular shows in Bogota and breeders come from all over the country so this is a good source to find the best quality pedigree pups available in Colombia.

Asociacion Club Canino Colombia
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There are quite a few puppy mills that operate in and around the city, and not only are these pups being sold online, from pet stores, and doggy supermarkets, but often are sold out of the back of trucks in Usaquen, El Virrey and the T Zone. Much information can be found online about the various issues that can present with puppy mill bred dogs, and the appalling conditions in which they are raised, so I won't get into that here. I will caution that puppy mills will often offer registration papers for their pups so you should not take a pedigree registration to mean you are necessarily getting a good quality dog. A little research is advised on a purchase decision that will be in your life for many years to come.

Animal Friendly Hotel:

Hotel Estelar La Fontana Apartments. Comfortable short term apartment hotel that charge a day rate per animal. There is a shopping mall with grocery store across the street where you can get pet food, cat litter etc.

I hope the above information is found useful. I encourage fellow dog owners to add their Bogota tips to this thread as well.

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