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Used domestic appliances shops/outlets - where? (Bogotá)

Hello everyone!! I'm new in Bogotá and I'm looking for some domestic appliances for my upcoming apartment.

Thereby, I'd like to know if you have acquired any used/2 hand appliance in a shop or outlet in Bogotá that you can recommend as reliables.

Today I visited both Carrera 13 and Alkosto in order to have an idea of prices for new ones. But if I find good used options for good prices, I'm into it!!!

I'm looking for the basics, which means washing machine, fridge, bed, TV, sofa and some small cabinets (apartment includes oven, stove+suction, wordrobes and kitchen cupboards already).

In case you know any outlet or shop please let me know. I'm aware of Mercado Libre and OLX but the first ones are always more down to earth and reliable choices.

Appreciate your kindness!


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