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Watch your bank accounts! (Bogotá)


Since I was robbed, I've been monitoring my account a little more closely than normal. Not sure why, as I blocked everything. Anyway, I should do this more often. I wanted to take out money yesterday and there was none. I checked my abstract and there was a large withdrawal and in looking back, there were several smaller ones. From what I gather so far, this is a government tax. That I knew about. What I was told though, was that the first account opened here is exempt. I assumed it was as I never had deductions from this account, it just started in the past month. I am paying tax on every single transaction - even grocery purchases. I will go to the bank (Bancolombia) today to see what's going on. It looks like they went back to the day I opened the account. But, if you are reading this I urge you to have a look at your account(s).

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