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Why is Colombia a poor country? (Bogotá)

I was browsing threw the net and found this Video. It`s in spanish but it makes a contrast and comparison of three children living in three differnt countries. For those who understand spanish it`s a very educational video explaining how colombians see their country.

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There was an opinion from a young boy expressing how he feels about it.

Why is Colombia a poor country?

Is it a poor country?
Colombians are poor because we have very little solidarity, we have no discipline in voting to elect politicians we are bribed with anything, been a lunch, a bag of groceries or ten thousand pesos and thus the corrupt politician take over the wealth of Colombian and this increases the poorness in the country. I hate to say but we are lazy we give out our Natural resources for free to the world powers: An example we export a bundle of Coffee to the United Sates of America they processed it then they multiply what they invested in. One cup of coffee costs much, more in the USA than it costs here in Colombia.

Colombians want to get everything instantly, if they invest in something they want to see the results right away That`s how they easily they get fooled with these "pyramids"

As Colombians want everything easy and fast. Drug Trafficking is an option to get rich instantly:

Corrupt politicians steal the countrys` wealth and we are the ones the choose them.

Well I think all Colombians know who these guys are.

Yes, so it is the "NULE" Group who left Bogota with unfinished works and that stoled alot of money.

Well compared to other countries, Colombia has a bad reputation in education the younth start working at a young age. Small girls prostitutes themeselves to get quick and easy money.

Do we have a Future?

Why is Colombia a poor country?

When Colombians` are able to destroy that poor mentality they have as beggars, and match themselves with the respect of God and the life he life gave them. Then they`ll be able to choose the right rulers I can not vote because I'm underage. But Colombia deserves good governers that can create companies at the same level of world powers tht can give their children the education they need and values to educate them correctly

Poverty is an attitude and we must change this attitude so we may realize that Colombia has great value,

Here`s another one in spanish.

This is a video dedicated to Gringos in spanish.

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