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Life in Boston?

Happy Thursday Everyone!
I wanted to get some opinions and feedback about living and working in Boston. I have been reading a lot about Boston and have seen a range of opinions. Some say that Boston is a great place for a better quality of life, enjoying more outdoor activities, etc, than say, New York. There are more weekend trips, close to skiing and sailing (the cape and islands). More laid back and relaxed… similar to a smaller city like D.C.
On the other hand, many are saying that it’s the perfect college city as there are a hundred and 1 undergrad and grad schools there.
Do those who live there feel that it’s very young due to all the academia there, or is it great for people who are not necessarily looking for the non-stop party lifestyle of the big apple? (No disrespect to the big apple!) ;)
As for the layout of the greater Boston area, what is the life like in the north shore, south shore, east and west? Where is best to live/work/shop/etc. I’ve been there once years ago, but only on a weekend trip, without getting a feel for the ‘insider’s guide’ so to speak. :p
I would love to hear from people who are living and working there!

Ps - Any great city websites for events, concerts, etc?

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