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Research about Learning in Expats (Brasilia)

Hello everyone,
My name is Hannah Hämer, master student at University of Brasília in the Graduate Program of Social, Work and Organizational Psychology, under supervision of Professor Jairo Eduardo Borges-Andrade ( Protected content ). In my research project, I am interested in informal learning processes of German and Brazilian expatriates.
The Brookfield Relocation Trends Survey Protected content an increase of German and Brazilian expats and that they are among the ones with most difficulties in terms of cultural changes. Along with formal training, which organizations may offer, I suggest that expats learn through interaction with their environment and that what they learn is an important factor for the success of the international experience.
Therefore, I am asking you to participate in my study or forward it to anyone that could be interested. First, you would fill out a short questionnaire on your own person and your stay in Brazil or Germany. Then, you would participate in an interview of about 40 minutes, in which I try to understand your learning and potential facilitators or difficulties in the process. This interview would take place via Skype according to your personal time availabilities. Finally, I would ask you to fill out a questionnaire, between May and July this year, in which I try to verify factors that came up in the interviews in a quantitative manner.

Thanks a lot for your collaboration.
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