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Who is up for some networking? (Brasilia)

Hello Everyone! As your Consul at the"Internations Brasilia Professional Networking" group I would like to know what kind of activity would you be most interested on participating, so that I may schedule some events for us. Here are some suggestions (feel free to come up with more):

a) "business speed dating": You guys send me a brief description of what you do and what you are looking for (a job, a business partner, clients, etc) and we meet at a nice and quiet restaurant or café, organized on small groups with similar or complementary interests to have a chat and see if "something happens". It's always possible to change tables if you have the feeling you're not going to "get lucky" at the first one.

b) "TED like" events: The idea is to invite one (or a few) people to give a short Protected content 15 minutes, maximum) speech on a topic that interests the group (oratory, personal finance, martketing, Social Media, etc). The speaker may be either someone from the group with experience on the topic, or some expert from the "outside", as long as he/she is willing to do it for free. Afterwards we would have a moment for informal conversation and some drinks.

c) Plain and simple Happy Hour: It's self explanatory, right?

So, does any of these three options sound interesting to you? What would increase your interest on joining our Networking group?

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