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►25.3.(FRIDAY) 20h 15th Monthly Meeting (Bratislava)

Dear friends, lads and chicks,

It's time to do another awesome party and for you there is already prepared midnight surprise, which I'm sure you will really like.

But first start with the music. To assure there will be music, you will really like, find your favourite (and amazing) clip on youtube and post it here. All this clips will be downloaded and played and projected during the party. Of course playing yours song from youtub...e during the party will be either possible.

Wanna know more about midnight surprise? Let's start with some story:
One year ago, we (Matej and Pablo) co-organized the 3rd Monthly Meeting ( Protected content , Protected content , probably you don't remember it at all, but if I say "Chicken legs" some memories will come to your mind, yes, I finished auctioning chicken wings in gypsy style to reach the Protected content bill. So commemorating this event, we have decided to co-organize again the CS March Meeting. We learn from our mistakes, so we won't have food this time (you can order cheese's plates as always by yourself) but instead would be a surprise after midnight, with one exception, this year we will pay the bill before, so you can contribute filling the piggy bank.

Hope to see you all there, for another night of CS fun!

Pablo and Matej.

How to get to us:
Wine bar is located on Obchodna 31. It's between tram stops called Poštová and Vysoká (trams 5,7,13,16).

To get in, enter small passage and then turn left (it's on opposite of "Bar on"). : Protected content

entrance looks like this:)
Protected content

how to get there:
Protected content

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