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Activity level of Breda community - 13 August 2016


This is a bit of feedback to the whole of Breda may work as a boomerang against me but I think it would not be fair.

I also take part in Rotterdam activities, and what strikes me is the enormous activity in Rotterdam. The difference is far bigger than what can be explained by 'respective numbers of IN members.

The ATTENDANCE is the weakest point in Breda, a kind of 'passiveness' of IN members.

What can one do in Breda? There is a food group by Mhel - attendance is very low. There is a cinema group led by me - attendance quite low.

In order to 'jump out of the box' and try tastes of Breda communities I organise 3 events on August 20: 1) hiking 2) dinner 3) film, now Pathe/Hollywood instead of (Chasse) cinema, to see if new activities attract new people.

There is one non-Albatros member that takes part in all 3, for the rest you see the attendances 1 week/7days before:

1) hiking Protected content albatros)
2) dinner Protected content
3) Hollywood, popular 'Finding Dory' Protected content

I hope quite a lot of people will still join.......but in Breda community the attendance remains so low, Breda will REMAIN a 'border line' community with very little activities.

In order to have activities, one needs also 'consuls' to organise them, but that is not the weakest point in Breda, we have a couple of consuls, AND ARE SEEKING MORE as HQ Emily Ingles posted.

So this is more a 'feedback of mine to the WHOLE community of Breda': why such low attendance? Are we doing the wrong things? And on August 20: 3 quite different activities, why such low attendance?

Cinema group in Breda (of which I am consul) will continue, with a few fans......for the rest I will organise more in Rotterdam, and certainly attend a lot there, 'because almost nothing happens in Breda community'.

The 'fault' that almost nothing happens I do not see with the ambassadors, not the consuls, but the community itself - utterly low attendance when something happens.

Why would attendance in Breda be so low? (replies welcome)

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