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Are u looking for a Nanny at home? (Breda)

Are you looking for a Nanny at home?
Day-care is important to every family. If this is properly taken care of, the parents can relax and go to work without any worries. The nanny takes care of the children and the housework.
Nanny Home Netherlands provides day-care at home and is a nationally registered employment agency between nannies and parents. We are a young and enthusiastic company that recruits, selects and guides nannies. We also provide day-care during events.
ADVANTAGES OF AT HOME NANNY • Only pay for the actual worked hours • Often cheaper than regular day-care • Child in familiar environment • Household chores are done • Personal attention for your child • Familiar face for your child • Flexible hours • Entitlement to child care allowance • Child can meet up with friends
For more information please contact Nanny Home Nederland.
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