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Challenge & opportunity for 1000 member Breda comm


In the other thread I calculated that Internations Breda community is appr. Protected content members now. Onsite, clicking on 'members', I gave in 'Breda' as search key, and then printed. Protected content of on average 8 members gives Protected content !

How can Protected content form a cohesive community?

Once a month a drink...let us say with 40 only 1 out of 25, and possibly with lots of different people every time. Difficult to form close groups?

I 'am only new here' but I think the big challenge and opportunity is to form theme/activity based subgroups. If they are Protected content , people get to know eachother, 'bonding' starts and it can become a 'real' live group.

'Meet up' is another international initiative, but there I saw that the lack of STRUCTURAL groups (like having one activity per month with appr. the same people) lead to a 'wear-out', especially for the ones initiating activities.

For example, if you organise a hike trip every 2 month, but always different people come...the organiser quickly gets a 'mini burnout' at organising it.

So 'let us form' enough subgroups, 'institutionalised' in frequency, activity and people joining.

This being my opinion as fresh, only junior 'Consul' :) (of the Cinema group)

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