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Introduction to Breda political parties for 21-Mar

Greg Shapiro, American born Dutchman and all round funny-man, explains: Protected content

Disclaimer: this post was written by a member of one of the participating political parties (D66) because we want the expat community to be informed. We believe the below information to be objective as possible, but also believe honesty is the best policy.

As you may be aware, the upcoming Breda municipal elections are taking place on 21st March Protected content . Expats from the EU and expats outside of the EU that have been registered in the Netherlands longer than five years are allowed to vote. A total of thirteen parties are participating, so we the choice may seem overwhelming. This is why we wrote a short introduction covering the national parties participating in the Breda municipal elections.

Out of the thirteen parties running in Breda, seven are part of a Dutch national party. These are in alphabetical order: 50Plus, CDA, D66, Groen Links, SP, PvdA and, VVD. To give you a bit of a flavor for the landscape of the national political parties, we can show them organized below. They are organized along progressive vs conservative and left vs right.

Unfortunately, I do not have this information for local Breda parties and some of the parties on the schema are not participating in Breda. Otherwise, I think this is a pretty solid first start.

For figure, click here: Protected content

A short introduction to the parties participating can be found on Protected content

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