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Advice for someone moving to Brisbane (no car)


I'll be moving to Brisbane where I have a job for 2 years at UQ in St. Lucias campus. I'd like to live without a car and bike, walk or take public transport to work.

Where are the best places to live, if one does not have a car to go grocery shopping or commute to UQ but also doesn't want to live in an area mainly filled with undergraduate students (at least in the US undergrad areas tend to be a bit noisy).

Things I've noticed.

- Eleanor Schonell Bridge looks great for a bike/bus commute, does this mean Woolloongabba is an ideal location for the carless?
- Or is it better to citycat from the West end? Where there might be more shops and grocery options for the carless
- Is St. Lucia itself too student oriented, or is this another good choice for an area to live?
- Is there an option to get groceries delivered to you? For example in the US we have community supported agriculture where locally grown fruits and veggies are delivered to your house for a fee. Is there anything like this in Brisbane?

What other things do I need to be concerned with if I don't have a car?

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