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10-day Peace & Harmony Journey (Bucharest)


A 10-day life changing journey, and an unforgettable experience of Romania.

The main theme of this journey is – Consciously bringing Peace & Harmony into our daily lives. It sounds so obvious... but Peace & Harmony in our daily lives is not always present, and it does not come any more as it should come .. naturally and effortlessly. We often have to generate it ourselves, consciously choose for and bring it into our lives... align our attitudes and actions so that it becomes available again and again...

During this journey we will see nature in and of Romania from a different point of view, we will experience pure nature and reconnect again with our “brothers and sisters in the nature”, we will experience love, friendship, beauty, self expression, leadership. We will meditate, we will dance, celebrate life, relax, release stress. We will have an unforgettable experience of Peace and Harmony.

Journey starts 27th August and takes 10 days. Information will be sent to you if you are interested.

Day 1. Bucharest – Arges // Driving to Arges takes +/- 2,5 hours
The journey starts in Bucharest where we meet at hotel Duke near the airport. After everyone has arrived we drink a cup of tea, get acquainted and prepare for departure to ARGES. A minibus is provided for the whole journey. During this drive we can share a little or relax. In Arges we stop at the Hotel and get ready for dinner. During dinner and after we share and get to know each other.

Day 2. Arges – Alba Julia Driving to Alba Julia +/- 4,5 hours with 2 stops
After breakfast you will have the opportunity to visit the city Curtea de Arges ... a small walk in the morning does good to everyone... A guided tour (English and Dutch) is provided for those who want to walk and experience the energy of Romanian streets, the local market, the Monastery Curtea de Arges, etc.

After lunch around 13.00 we will drive to Rimnicu Vilcea and then to Alba Juia where we make the second stop. Driving from Arges to Aba Juia is just amazing, we drive through different landscapes, villages, through the mountains, over lakes and rivers, wonderful panoramas. Just amazing. After dinner we come together for a playful encounter of our inner child. The inner child cards which will guide us to our inner, child are specially designed to address the day to day life of a child. By sharing our experiences or just generating conversations on the subject we will come to insights that will bring joy, happiness and healing. The subjects can be then used and extended in a further workshops during the journey.

Day 3. Alba Julia – Bihor. After breakfast we go for a walk and (optionally) a breathing meditation lead by Miloslav Miro. We have lunch and get ready to depart for our final destination in Jud. Bihor near the Hungarian border. Driving to this location takes +/- 3 hours. We will remain there for 5 days, where an exciting program awaits us.

5 Days & Nights.. of “Intensive harmonization and transformational work"
Where an exciting program awaits us.

We will stay in a Romanian cabana, which accommodates a maximum of 18 people, (specially reserved for our group) located in the middle of nature, far away from the sounds of the city. ... Pure bliss of the natural surrounding ...

During those 5 days we will create an environment of friendship, freedom, self expression, care for one’s transformation, heart to heart connection, living the community experience.

- excursions: discover other dimensions in nature
- workshops, personal encounter, taste of health
- active and dancing meditations
- inspirational videos and relaxing concerts
- express the artist within yourself
- being a child of mother nature
- recalibration of thoughts and action
- being creative with vegetables (workshop)
- preparation of raw vegetarian food (workshop)
- life celebration party

Please contact me for more info and prices..

Delia, Anet and Gabriel

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