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Considering a move to Bucharest

Hi All:

My wife and I are considering moving to Bucharest next summer. My wife was born in Bucharest and lived there until she was 11 years old, before moving to the U.S. I want get to know her culture better (and, of course, sharpen my Romanian skills!) and she has thought about returning to Romania for some time -- although she does wonder if I can handle a "Romanian winter"!

I joined Internations to get more information about our possible move and what life is like for other expats abroad. Obviously, finding a job is our first priority. We are both attorneys in New York, a job that is virtually impossible for us to do in a foreign country. I additionally have the burden of understanding very limited Romanian at this point (as much as I try to practice with her family).

Any advice for two young-ish professionals seeking to find careers and settle in Bucharest?!?!


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