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Expat Payroll (Bucharest)

Dear All,

I am currently living in Bucharest and I am assigned to assess and to prepare a draft of the expats salaries of all affiliates of the company I represent, within the EU. Summing up, the mother company is a important player in the construction industry, based in Portugal, and we currently located in Spain and Romania.

At this moment, we are being awarded several projects and we have a need to expat our most qualified staff to these locations. Therefore, our main goal is to assign the staff to our affiliates. Basically, they will have a local labor agreement with a Romanian company. For obvious reasons, these expats do no want to perform their social security contributions in Romania. My primary goal is to understand if they can have a local contract, PIT will be withhold in Romania but no social contributions will be performed. The employee, on is own initiative, will perform the social contributions in is home country, in order to keep his current rights and future ones, in terms of retirements pension, etc.

I hope someone can clarify me with some details.

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Silva

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