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Mobile Internet Contract wanted (Bucharest)

Dear co-Expats, re-pats and local heros,

I am feeling more and more the need to access my emails, stock quotes and last not least the internations site on-the-go.
So I need a mobile internet provider - am looking of cause for the best value for the money.

these are my requirements:
-have my own smartphone, so looking for contract without phone
-not really interested in number of free sms, minutes of phone and whatever, internet access is most important
-I guess I need a volume of at least 300MB per month, more would be welcome
-I stay most of the time in Bucharest but do plan to take trips to the rest of the country, so a good coverage across whole Romania would be a plus, but is no priority
-this contract will be used ONLY in Romania, so roaming costs are not to be considered
-contract may be over a period of Protected content

Any hint would be very much appreciated! My problem is that I do not even know, which providers exist in this country other than orange and Vodafone, or where on the internet to find a price comparison.
The first info I got is the following: for Orange I would have to pay 10Euro / month for a flatrate up to 300MB.

Thanks in advance for all feeback

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