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Posta Romana (Bucharest)


Hello out there in expat land. Just wondering if anyone has any information about what has happened to the postal system in Romania,, specifically regarding parcel delivery from outside Romania.
Over the last year or so, maybe more, I have not received a single package posted from outside and in most cases eventually find out something along the lines that 'delivery was attempted but unsuccessful, see card in your mailbox'

Well this is rubbish because in no case have I received any communication in any form and the local post office denies all knowledge of any package awaiting delivery. They know who I am and in the past let me know if there is something too big for mailbox.
So what is happening to stuff being sent to Romania??

Ultimately I guess this problem is not surprising,, it usually takes 2 weeks or more to deliver phone accounts, power bills or other bills,, sometimes after the due date. :( This is not good, especially when I am expecting important work related documents.

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